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Hahaha! My shutter speed is faster than yours!!!

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Welcome! This is a community for all who love to take pictures and share them with others.
This community is designed as not only a place to post your pictures, but a place to get feed back(positive or negative) on those pictures.


1. If a picture is big lj-cut it. Not every picture must be lj-cut, but the bigger ones do need to be.
2. Do not complain about the lack of lj-cut on smaller pictures, this is a picture community you will have pictures posted, if you do not want them clogging up your friends page do not join the community.
3. Any post with more than 3 pictures to it, MUST be lj-cut.
4. Try to keep the typed posts to a minimum, this is a photo community.
5. There will be absolutely NO nudity posted in this community! This is not an adult community, they are out there, go find them if that is the content of pictures you want to post.
6. All pictures must have some form of identification of the poster on the picture.
7. Have fun!